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The Ceiling Can’t Hold Us — Low Wage Workers Organize

April 28, 2014 — Brian Miller
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At United for a Fair Economy, we believe that low-wage worker organizing is at the forefront of the fight for economic justice. As spelled out in our guiding principles, "Jobs with dignity and living wages, where workers have the democratic right to organize and share the wealth produced by their labor" is at the core of a fair economy.

Inequality and continued racial segregation create toxic soup

February 17, 2014 — Brian Miller

Education is Not Enough to Close Racial Economic Divide

February 11, 2014 — Brian Miller

Black Wealth / White Wealth

February 3, 2014 — Brian Miller

25-State Coverage Gap Hits Blacks and Latinos Harder

January 24, 2014 — Brian Miller

Who is Affected by the 25 States Opting Out of Medicaid?

January 17, 2014 — Brian Miller

Why History Matters: Obama Talks about Inequality

December 6, 2013 — Brian Miller
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Ezra Klein of the Washington Post calls it "perhaps the single best economic speech of his presidency." The folks on Fox News were whining about "redistribution." Picking up a cab in Baltimore the next morning, the first thing the driver asked me was whether I saw the President's speech… He loved it. However one ranks it, Pres. Obama's speech on Wednesday nailed it, calling economic inequality the "defining challenge of our time."

The Robin Hood Tax Makes Wall Street Pay

November 1, 2013 — Brian Miller
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There is little question that Republicans took a political hit for the senseless government shutdown. If there is a lesson to be learned for the GOP (and everyone else), it’s that government shutdowns and debt-ceiling standoffs are counterproductive and irresponsible bargaining chips in political debate.

Shutdown: The Continuing Assault on Obamacare

October 4, 2013 — Brian Miller
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The government shutdown is part of much broader assault on Obamacare. Despite some of the rhetoric, low-income and struggling Americans are not just "caught in the crossfire." On the contrary, they are the intentional targets of a senseless political attack. Read more and take action.

They're Back! And Rich As They Ever Were

September 25, 2013 — Brian Miller
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Two weeks ago, Forbes released its 2013 list of the richest 400 Americans. And the not-so-surprising news: The fortunes of those at the top continue to rise while Americans across the country continue to suffer.

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