Breaking the Poisonous Silence Surrounding Flint

Lead, racism and poverty poisoned the Flint water supply. Add in a tablespoon of media silence and a gallon of government denial, and you’ve got a two year crisis that Michigan Governor Snyder has called, “…his Katrina” – alluding to the Bush administration’s disaster of hurricane management.

Credit: Megan Kreger

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State of the Dream 2016: #BlackLivesMatter and the Economy

New movements call for new solutions. And this year, we’re taking a new approach to our annual State of the Dream report. 

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What's Your Resolution for Justice?

Make a resolution of justice for 2016. Whether it’s fighting for $15 with low-wage workers, standing against police violence with #BlackLivesMatter, or pushing for a public postal bank, we’ll work with you for a better future. New beginnings are new opportunities for change. 


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A Holiday Message From UFE

Jeannette Huezo, our Executive Director, shares a holiday message of thanks.

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Joining the Frontline Chorus

Photo Courtesy of Push Green

Fossil fuel corporations want you to be obsessed with the Paris climate talks. They want you to see quotes from the Paris agreement text, and glaze over. They want you to forget the words of Margaret Mead, that “…a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.” And those citizens don’t need suits and a board room in Paris.

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Dear Mark Zuckerberg

Our friends at Resource Generation hit the nail on the head in this letter to Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook founder's recent $45 billion "gift."  Written by Jesse Spencer, this article can be read in full on the Huffington Post.


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Billionaire Bonanza


This is one of the many eye-popping findings of a new report, Billionaire Bonanza: The Forbes 400 and the Rest of Us, released by the Institute for Policy Studies.

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An Open Letter Regarding Minnesota

Dear Supporters, Last night five black protestors were shot by alleged white supremacists in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  They were participating in a peaceful protest outside of the 4th precinct police headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  

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Superglue, Pipelines, and a Clean Economy

I superglued my hands to a friend to stop the Keystone Pipeline. Our action along with the work of indigenous people in Canada, farmers in Nebraska and other resistors along the route and across the country forced Obama to stop the project. 

Credit: Elvert Barnes

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UFE on Labor Lines Radio

Postal banking gained more widespread attention when Sen. Bernie Sanders endorsed it, but activists for economic equality and those fighting privatization of the postal service have long advocated its merits. Mike Leyba, director of communications for United for a Fair Economy and principal author of State of the Dream 2015: Underbanked and Overcharged discusses why some Americans don’t have access to major banks and how this will help them. 

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