Lynn Murray

Lynn is a womanist, community organizer and advocate for the empowerment of all marginalized people. Born in Texas, she's lived in Dorchester for the last 20 years. Upon arriving in Boston, she volunteered at UFE and is grateful for the impact UFE's work had on her own politicization. Since then, she's worked in a variety of roles for the following organizations and projects: Women of Action, Reflect & Strengthen, Black Women's Health Study, Boston Women's Fund, Boston Center for Cooperative Ownership, The Sustainability Guild and The Dorchester Food Co-op. She currently works for The Clubhouse Network, a youth organization that helps young people of color express their ideas using creative technology. She is happy to be reunited with United for a Fair Economy.


184 High St., Suite 603,
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 423-2148


904 Broad Street
Durham, NC 27705

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