Why Budget Cuts Don't Bring Prosperity

— Sara Shahanaghi


This New York Times article by David Leonhardt explains why austerity is ineffective as a means of helping the economy recover by comparing the American and German recoveries. While the US did engage in deficit spending during the recession, this reasoning can be used to justify the need for continued public spending.

Documenting Corporate Giveaways

— Sara Shahanaghi


Good Jobs First has created a page documenting unfair subsidies and other giveaways to large corporations by state and also by corporation. Addressing these practices can be particularly effective when vital government programs are put at stake to reduce state and national debt. Attached please also find an in-depth report on subsidies and disclosure practices.

Article: Why You Want Government Running Health, Education and defense

— Sara Shahanaghi


This article by David Morris of supports the commonly made argument that privatization is not always the answer because certain services, such as health care, are more cost-effective and better managed by the government. It includes data, examples, and charts supporting this point.

Infographic: Tax Breaks vs. Budget Cuts

— Sara Shahanaghi


This infographic put together by Donna Cooper of the Center for American Progress shows bluntly how significant cuts to the most vital government programs can be prevented by taking away tax cuts for the super wealthy.

Impact of House FY11 Full-Year Continuing Resolution for Education Programs

— Sara Shahanaghi


This set of data, put together by the National Education Association, documents the cuts to the US Department of Education’s discretionary programs due to the House full-year continuing resolution for FY 2011. The data includes figures of funding lost, number of students impacted, and the potential job losses associated with each one of these programs.

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