Article Series: The United States of Inequality

— Sara Shahanaghi


This great series of articles by Timothy Noah of Slate shows the gradual growth in inequality within the US to the very critical state it is in now. The articles are full of blunt statistics as well as easy to understand charts and slideshows on inequality.

Article: How Facts Backfire

— Sara Shahanaghi


This article by Joe Keohane of the Boston Globe describes research showing that more facts don’t necessarily mean better decisions for voters and that political convictions may be harder to change than commonly thought.

Stiglitz Article: "Capitalist Fools"

— Sara Shahanaghi


This article by Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz explains historically how legislation designed to help the super-wealthy has played a role in the financial crisis and the political forces at play that allowed these changes to come about.

NY Times Op-Ed: "Our Fantasy Nation"

— Sara Shahanaghi


This article by Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times describes the role of fundamentalism on the Republican end of the debt ceiling debate. Kristof explains the importance of government programs to our society and the dangerous consequences of cutting these programs as part of a debt deal.

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