Article Series: The United States of Inequality

— Sara Shahanaghi


This great series of articles by Timothy Noah of Slate shows the gradual growth in inequality within the US to the very critical state it is in now. The articles are full of blunt statistics as well as easy to understand charts and slideshows on inequality.

Webinar: The Debt Ceiling

— Sara Shahanaghi

This webinar by the National Priorities Project provides an overview of the issues related to raising the federal debt ceiling including what it is and the implications of raising it or failing to so. Attached is the PDF of the slides used in the presentation and below is a YouTube video of the webinar.

Presentation: Inequality and Crisis

— Sara Shahanaghi


This presentation, put together by Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman for the Luxembourg Income Study, explains the link between inequality and the financial crisis. He makes a rational argument for why inequality must be addressed to prevent another financial meltdown. The presentation is easy to understand and filled with useful graphs on the issue.

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