Popcorn, a movie, and tackling inequality

Thanks to our generous supporters - who have graciously opened their homes and other meeting places to host these screenings - hundreds of people across the country will be having the same conversation these next two weeks: how inequality, concentrated wealth, and tax policies that favor the top earners in this country are both unjust and dangerous to our democracy. Thank you for joining us!

Click below for more details about each screening and to register:

  1. Cambridge, MA: April 16th
  2. Jamaica Plain, MA: April 17th
  3. Wilton, CT: April 27th
  4. New Castle, NH: April 14th
  5. Woodstock, VT: April 17th
  6. Brooklyn, NY: April 16th
  7. Manhattan, NY: April 17th
  8. Philadelphia, PA: April 30th
  9. Washington, DC: April 21st
  10. Oak Park, IL: April 15th
  11. Austin, TX: April 14th
  12. Fort Collins, CO: April 17th
  13. Santa Fe, NM: April 25th
  14. San Francisco, CA: April 17th
  15. Seattle, WA: April 16th
  16. Portland, OR: April 16th