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New Media for Old-School Organizers: Tune-Up Presentation (Part 2)

— Shannon M.

New media for old school organizers. Examples from Emilie Aries at Ocean State Action.

New Media for Old-School Organizers: Tune-Up Presentation

— Shannon M.

How to be more effective on social media.

Documenting Corporate Giveaways

— Sara Shahanaghi


Good Jobs First has created a page documenting unfair subsidies and other giveaways to large corporations by state and also by corporation. Addressing these practices can be particularly effective when vital government programs are put at stake to reduce state and national debt. Attached please also find an in-depth report on subsidies and disclosure practices.

Creative Action: Bake Sale for the Budget

— Sara Shahanaghi


This article by Beth Bissmeyer of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth covers KFTC’s January 2011 “Bake Sale for the Budget,” which was held to increase awareness about Kentucky’s budget issues. Read more about the event in the article for ideas on this and other types of creative action.

Video Clip: Taxes and Religion

— Sara Shahanaghi


In this short clip from the MSNBC show “The Last Word,” host Laurence O’Donnell refutes right-wing pundit Rush Limbaugh’s claims that religion, specifically Christianity, aligns with low taxes. The rhetoric O’Donnell uses is effective and could be useful to consider when connecting taxes to faith.

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