Federal Tax Issues

Infographic: Tax Breaks vs. Budget Cuts

— Sara Shahanaghi


This infographic put together by Donna Cooper of the Center for American Progress shows bluntly how significant cuts to the most vital government programs can be prevented by taking away tax cuts for the super wealthy.

Talking About Taxes Toolkit

— Sara Shahanaghi


The FrameWorks Institute has put together a tax toolkit with many resources that can help in communications regarding taxes, including a sample op-ed, talking points, and abundant research on public perception of taxes. Attached please find a message memo for the toolkit.

Report: Promotiong Broad Prosperity

— Sara Shahanaghi


The Topos Partnership and the Demos Center for the Public Sector have partnered to create a research report on how Americans view the ideal role of government in the economy. The report also looks into effective communications and framing strategies that can encourage individuals to see some of the merits of government involvement.

Report: Judging Tax Expenditures

— Sara Shahanaghi


This report by Citizens for Tax Justice explains that tax expenditures serve as an additional costly government program, one which should not be funded in place of more purposeful programs. It proposes the implementation of a tax expenditure performance review system that could impartially judge their effectiveness.

Recovery Act Info Center

— Sara Shahanaghi


The Recovery Act Info Center, put together by States for a Transparent and Accountable Recovery, aims to inform individuals and organizations about the state of affairs of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in each state and the country as a whole. It includes links to additional resources on the act and what it means for state balance sheets.

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