Federal Tax Issues

Stiglitz Article: "Capitalist Fools"

— Sara Shahanaghi


This article by Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz explains historically how legislation designed to help the super-wealthy has played a role in the financial crisis and the political forces at play that allowed these changes to come about.

State Revenue Lost Due to Bush Tax Cuts

— Sara Shahanaghi


ITEP has created a set of state-by-state charts showing the average tax cuts for the wealthy and government revenue losses that would result from extending the Bush Tax Cuts  on the top 5% of income earners in 2011.

Historical Perspective on Tax Legislation

— Sara Shahanaghi


This piece by David Shreve and Ajay Mehrotra looks at tax legislation and government spending through a historical lens. The historical insights of the chapter allow us to understand the forces behind tax policy in the United States.

Report: How States Can Decouple from Tax Cuts for Wealthy Itemizers

— Sara Shahanaghi


This 2011 report by ITEP shows how states can decouple from federal tax cuts for wealthy itemizers. The report includes a narrative and state-by-state estimates on the rise in revenue that would result from such reforms.

Report: Who Benefits from Tax Expenditures?

— Sara Shahanaghi


This short document by the Tax Policy Center shows that various tax exclusions and deductions, especially on capital gains and dividends, vastly benefit the top 0.1% and top quintile of income earners. The report includes a short narrative and a chart showing the extent to which certain tax policies are benefitting the wealthy.

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