Federal Tax Issues

Disinvesting in America

— Sara Shahanaghi


This piece by Adam Hersh and Sarah Ayres of the Center for American Progress explains and shows graphically the harm to vital programs such as education, transportation, infrastructure, and technology that would ensue of the Republican budget plan under Paul Ryan were to take place.

Federal Income Tax Data

— Sara Shahanaghi


This report by the Tax Foundation includes useful data and other information on income level and federal tax rates by income group. It includes ample historical data (1980-2008) that can be used to show the changes in tax levels over time. All data used in the report came from the IRS.

10 Charts Showing U.S. Is Low-Tax Country

— Sara Shahanaghi


The Center for American Progress has put together a set of 10 charts showing directly how the United States has become a low-tax country, especially for high income earners. The graphs are easy to work with and were cited in several news articles and blogs.

Webinar: The Debt Ceiling

— Sara Shahanaghi

This webinar by the National Priorities Project provides an overview of the issues related to raising the federal debt ceiling including what it is and the implications of raising it or failing to so. Attached is the PDF of the slides used in the presentation and below is a YouTube video of the webinar.

Tax Toolkit- Americans for Responsible Taxes

— Sara Shahanaghi


Americans for Responsible Taxes has put together an extensive tax toolkit. It includes fact sheets on the estate tax, corporate income tax, and refundable tax credits as well as sections on the importance of taxes and federally funded programs. The document also includes a description of ART and its agenda.

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