Federal Tax Issues

Report: Decline in Federal Tax Progressivity

— Sara Shahanaghi


This report by the CBPP documents the decreased progressiveness of the federal tax system. It includes several useful graphs of the decline in tax rates and rise in income for the wealthiest Americans as well as a narrative explaining the changes in the tax system from a historical perspective.

Action Tool: Evaluating Federal Candidates' Tax Proposals


UFE has created an Action Tool for evaluating tax proposals made by federal candidates. It includes a four-step guide to evaluating any given tax proposal based on fairness, revenue, and other criteria as well as a list of questions to ask politicians regarding their tax proposals. For more on using the Action Tool, visit this link for an in-depth how-to guide. Also, click here for the state candidate Action Tool.

Making the Case: Federal Support for Public Structures


This resource, put together by the Demos Center for the Public Sector, serves as a concise guide to talking about taxes when reaching out to those outside of your organization. This guide discusses how to make tax issues accessible, engage your target audience, and promote activism.  Included are both tips and examples of effective communication.

Talking Points on the Deficit


Citizens for Tax Justice has put together a set of talking points that can be useful when discussing tax policy as it relates to the deficit. These talking points can be particularly effective in countering arguments made by deficit hawks. The document is also peppered with statistics that justify progressive taxes as part of the solution to the deficit.

Quotations About Taxes


This extensive compilation of quotes on taxation by the Tax Analysts Group is organized by topic. The quotes span the political spectrum and the topics range from “Taxes Generally” to “Progressivity and Equity.” They are drawn from famous economists, politicians, novelists, and others.

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