Emigration, Immigration, and Displacement

Neoliberal globalization has resulted in the displacement of millions of workers and small farmers. Many neoliberal economies refuse to recognize that free trade policies cause many of the world's current immigration and emigration struggles. This blind eye only intensifies the lack of progress in solving these problems both in industrialized nations and in countries where people are forced to migrate.

The free trade race to the bottom in pursuit of cheap labor and natural resources creates employment and social instability both at home and abroad.

As long as there is no change in the present global economic policies that bolster corporate profits at the expense of the social and economic stability of the world's workers, no amount of internal immigration reform will reduce mass migrations of poor and displaced workers to the wealthiest countries.

Keywords: migrant, refugee, amnesty, neocolonialism Remittances, Outsourcing, Human Trafficking, neocolonialism