Washingtonians Sharing in the Solution

Washingtonians Sharing in the Solution

Quill and ParchmentThis November, voters in Washington State will have an opportunity to approve a HISTORIC ballot Initiative, I-1098, which would institute the State's first income tax on upper-income residents.

We are gathering signatures of upper-income residents of Washington who support I-1098, as the voices of those who would be directly affected is critically important in the public debate.

For decades, Washington State has burdened its residents with an imbalanced and inadequate tax system. Washington's middle-class families are currently paying four times more of their income in taxes than the state's wealthiest families, and small businesses are weighed down by the state's over-reliance on the business and occupation tax. Meanwhile, the State's revenue deficiency has led to severe budget cuts for public schools and health care services. This is unfair and irresponsible.

We need your voice! Responsible Wealth has successfully contributed to similar income tax initiatives in New York and Connecticut. With your help, we can make a positive impact in Washington State.

If you are an upper-income resident of Washington State, please take a moment to read and sign the letter below to show your support for I-1098.

To our fellow Citizens of Washington State:

As upper-income residents of Washington State who treasure the quality of life in our state, we believe the time has come to institute an income tax on high earners like ourselves to make Washington’s tax system more fair and to collect much-needed revenue.

Washington’s tax system is currently upside-down: middle-class taxpayers pay four times as much upper-income residents, and large companies pay lower tax rates than small businesses. Initiative 1098 would lower state property taxes by 20%, create new income tax brackets for those of us in the top 1.2% of earners in the state, and eliminate the business and occupancy tax for small businesses.

Washington state ranks 46th in the country in K-12 education funding, and budget cuts have forced the state to cut its Basic Health Plan by 43%. I-1098 would dedicate 70% of net new revenues to an Education Legacy Trust Fund which will go to class size reduction, extended learning opportunities, prekindergarten, and expanding access to higher education. The other 30% of net new revenues will go to a Health Trust Account to support the Basic Health Plan, public health services, and long-term care services for seniors and people with disabilities.

At a time when 40,000 state residents have lost Basic Health coverage, funds to reduce class sizes have been slashed, and thousands of Washingtonians have lost their jobs, we can no longer afford a tax code that overburdens middle class families, penalizes job-creating small businesses across Washington State, and creates harmful boom-and-bust cycles that undermine the state’s ability to provide core services.

The signers of this letter, who have incomes of $200,000 and above ($400,000 per couple), can certainly afford to pay an income tax, especially given the low state tax rates we have enjoyed for decades. In this way, we can reverse severe cuts to our state's health care and education funding while making our tax code fair to middle-income residents and small businesses. As upper-income Washington State taxpayers, we are willing and able to share in the solution to our state's fiscal crisis.


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