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    Honoring the Legacy of Coretta Scott King

    Join United for a Fair Economy as we honor the legacy of Coretta Scott King on what would be her 90th Birthday.

    We will also hold a popular-education style COMMUNITY RELEASE of our new report, STATE OF THE DREAM 2017: MOURNING IN AMERICA. This is a free event including poetry, music, and activities for all people. Refreshments, beer & wine provided. Spanish Interpretation Available. 


    About the report: 

    In 1984, the re-election campaign of Ronald Reagan released an ad with the opening line, “It's morning again in America.” While this ad embodied a momentary sense of optimism, forty years of neoliberal policies have failed working people.

    State of the Dream 2017: Mourning in America is a broad assessment of where we are as a nation. It features reflections from leaders and advocates that are fighting inequalities, and contains a short, accessible snapshot of where we are as a nation on the topics of wages, wealth, housing, immigration, and LGBT inclusion. Download your free copy: www.faireconomy.org/dream17


    April 27, 2017 at 6pm
    1199/SEIU Headquarters
    108 Myrtle St
    Quincy, MA 02117
    United States
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    Training Deposit

    This is the deposit for your upcoming training. You will be issued an invoice or email request for the balance due. Please pay remaining balance on or before the first date of the training. 


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    State of the Dream 2009: The Silent Depression

    The Silent Depression explores the silent economic depression that affects communities of color – one that has gone unacknowledged and unaddressed. 

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    The United States is the richest nation in the world. So why aren't our schools thriving? Why are so many people — especially people of color — unemployed? Why are healthcare, housing and college education so unaffordable?

    Our mission at UFE is to challenge the root causes of economic inequality and support the growing movement for economic justice. This can take many forms. If you're interested in making the economy fairer and improving the quality of life in the U.S. for everyone, here are five actions you can take to help make that happen.

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    Very interesting article Ben!

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    A: Yes

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    “I was a little shocked myself with how much my organizing techniques have enhanced since UFE. You helped me value my years of experience in grassroots organizing to the fullest. ”

    –Noreliz from Massachusetts



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