Bank of America Benefits from Lending Crisis, Taxpayers to Foot the Bill

From UFE's February 2008 Enews

Bank of America Benefits from Lending Crisis, Taxpayers to Foot the Bill

While many homeowners stand to lose their homes due to predatory lending, Bank of America is setting itself up to shift millions of dollars of corporate taxes onto taxpayers.

The bank is planning to purchase Countrywide Financial Corporation - which has become a casualty of the subprime crisis -- for a staggering $4.1 billion. Ironically, Bank of America is in a position to do this having seen tremendous growth in recent years, especially from its strong Hispanic customer base, a group disproportionately hurt by the subprime mortgage crisis.

In his article "B of A's awesome Countrywide tax break," columnist Allan Sloan explains the significant tax savings from the debt that the bank will assume. "A $270 million annual deduction would save Bank of America something more than $100 million a year in federal and state income taxes...over the first five years, Bank of America can use a total of $1.35 billion of Countrywide's losses to shelter its income," he said.

The deal has not gone through yet, but the story just got even scarier with the "New York Times" bringing to light a confidential bailout proposal from BOA to Congress. This proposal has some analysts thinking that the merger with Countrywide is actually intended to make lobbying for a bailout of BOA more successful.

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