Building Bridges (Radio): Foreclosed: The State of the Dream

January 14, 2008

Original publication: Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report (National Edition)

Date of publication: January 14, 2008

Building Bridges Radio Show Produced by Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg

Foreclosed: The State of the Dream with
Brenda Cotto-Escalera, Exec. Dir., United for a Fair Economy
Amaad Rivera, Director, UFE's Racial Wealth Divide Program

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United for a Fair Economy's new report is on the subprime lending crisis which has caused the greatest loss of wealth to people of color in modern US history.For tens of millions of people in the US, owning a home is the essence of the American dream, representing as it does economic achievement & some measure of security. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., would undoubtedly agree, and aspired to make the dream more broadly available - to Blacks, Latinos & Asians as well as Whites, to poor people as well as rich. But now, the subprime lending crisis has spread its tentacles across the country causing the greatest wealth setback for people of color ever.