Building the Backbone of the Economic Justice Movement

May/June 2008 E-News  

At the end of April, UFE hosted a small event that helped individuals - and by extension their organizations -- learn how to take effective action to build the economic justice movement.

A diverse group of 21 educators and organizers from around the country spent three and a half days learning popular education principles and practices with us in a Training of Trainers Institute. Through this intensive work, participants are now well equipped to organize and help build groups of those who are most affected by economic inequality. These are the groups that we believe will be the basis of a democratic, multi-racial, multi-class movement for economic justice.

Participants came from Seattle to Bangor, and ranged from unions (AFSCME) and religious organizations (UUSC) to community-based groups (Ithaca Alternatives Credit Union). And they varied from economic justice veterans to activists newly engaged in community education. Without exception, the feedback was enthusiastic, and everyone made strong commitments to actively spread the approaches and information through workshops of their own.

See photos from the Training of Trainers Institute.

Consider attending the next Training of Trainers Institute yourself or forward this link to someone who might be interested:


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