Estate Tax Radio Ad

Listen to radio ads that ran in 5 states
(MT, OR, ND, SD, and ME).



Frank, what would happen if you got a big pay cut and our income went way down?


Big trouble, Marge. We could lose our health insurance, we would have to dip into the children's education fund, and our credit card debt would get way out of hand.


Isn't it the same when the government's income drops. President Bush has given huge tax cuts to the richest Americans. Now, he wants to do away with the Estate Taxes so multi-millionaires, and even billionaires, can leave their wealth, most of it never taxed, without paying a single cent of tax. That’s not right. Fixing the estate tax would be better for us.


True. But eliminating the Estate Tax would be a disaster. With income way down and the tremendous expense of the Iraq War, there will surely be less money for healthcare and education. what a debt our children and grandchildren will be carrying!


Frank, if we understand this, how come the President doesn't? Isn't it time for Congress to stop catering to special interests? Maybe they just don't care about the rest of us.

(in an announcer like voice)

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