Fostering Economic Justice in North Carolina

From UFE's February 2008 Enews


The North Carolina Justice Center (NCJC) is North Carolina's leading private, nonprofit anti-poverty organization. Its mission is to reduce and eliminate poverty in North Carolina by helping to ensure that every North Carolina household gains access to the resources, services and fair treatment that it needs in order to enjoy economic security.

As one of our recent education activities, Steve Schnapp of the UFE Education Team, traveled south in late January to help the NCJC and its allies leverage popular education approaches to strengthen and build a base for economic justice.

The two-and-a-half day Training of Trainers workshop was attended by 10 NCJC staff, and several activists from their partner organizations around the state. It focused on popular education principles and practices, establishing an eight-step process for curriculum design, and exploring how to enhance the community education work being done at the NCJC. The workshop was considered a great success and plans are in the works for a continued educational partnership between NCJC and UFE.

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