Race, Ethnicity and Economic Destiny (Event)

Race, Ethnicity and Economic Destiny

This panel discussion held on 05/09/2008, focused on the diversity of young adults and their economic expectations. Topics included the economic status of immigrants and their children; the effect of the racial wealth gap; the economic contours of mass youth incarceration; and issues of political power and winning broad government investments in social programs.

Heather McGhee, Demos -- Moderator; Shannon Augare, Montana State Rep.; Maria Teresa Peterson, Voto Latino; Amaad Rivera, United for a Fair Economy; Stefanie Brown, NAACP; Christine Chen, APIAVote; Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Hip Hop Caucus

This panel was part of a day-long forum "A Better Deal: Reclaiming Economic Security for a New Generation" organized by Demos and held at the Capitol Hill Hotel, Washington, DC.

Watch the video from C-SPAN.