Take the Tax Fairness Pledge

Take the Tax Fairness Pledge

It’s been nine years since George W. Bush inherited a $5.1 trillion 10-year projected surplus and gave away half of that surplus ($2.5 trillion) in tax breaks, over half of which went to the top 5% of households, the very folks who least needed a tax cut.  Similarly, folks in the top 5% got 80% of the benefit of Clinton's capital gains tax cut.

Each year since 1997, upper-income households have benefited handsomely from the capital gains cut passed under Clinton and the Bush tax cuts. In 2008 alone, the Bush tax cuts saved households in the top 5% a total of $110 billion. These tax cuts continue to drain our nation of its capacity to preserve vital services, fund education, invest in research and infrastructure, build a strong and sustainable economy, and assure fairness and opportunity.

Since 1998, Responsible Wealth members and others have calculated their savings from the Clinton and Bush tax cuts and pledged to redirect those tax savings toward efforts to promote progressive taxes at the state and federal level.

Find out exactly what your share is and redirect your tax savings to tax fairness efforts with the Tax Fairness Pledge.