Brian Miller Has Arrived!

Welcome Brian With A Gift Today!

Today, we begin a new era in our fight for a fair economy – Brian Miller has arrived to begin his work as the new Executive Director of UFE! We're looking to raise $5,000 to welcome Brian. Please make a gift to UFE or Responsible Wealth today to help us reach our goal. 

Much has changed since UFE started raising awareness of the dangers of growing economic inequality during the Clinton administration. Today, more people than ever before are aware of and concerned about the extraordinary economic divide in this country. Even George W. Bush acknowledged the troubling growth of inequality in 2007. 

Today, greater equality is possible, but it requires a sustained and vibrant movement to fight for it. Thanks to your support, UFE has been the organization building and supporting that movement since 1994. 

Brian is ready to lead UFE forward in this critical moment. He is a community organizer from southern Louisiana who, for the last twelve years, has led a growing economic justice organization working for fair taxation in Tennessee. He has the experience and vision to make incredible contributions at UFE. 

Please join us in welcoming Brian by making a secure online donation to UFE today. Any gift will help toward reaching our goal of raising $5,000 by next Friday. Please make as generous a contribution as you can afford.