Selected Media Appearances by Brian Miller and Mike Lapham

Selected Televison Appearances by Mike Lapham

Mike Lapham at a congressional panel on taxes broadcast on C-SPAN, 4/11/2012 (skip to 11:50 and 27:44 and 44:21)
Mike Lapham on The Kudlow Report on CNBC, 9/22/2011 with billionaire Wilmer Ross and CEO John Katsimitides
Mike Lapham on Varney and Co. on Fox Business 5/5/2011
Mike Lapham on The Kudlow Report on CNBC, April 2011 with Dan Mitchell of CATO
Mike Lapham on The Dylan Ratigan Show, 4/7/2010
Mike Lapham on Business News Network (Canada), 4/14/2011

Selected Appearances in Support of the Self-Made Myth

Brian Miller and Mike Lapham with Bill Gates, Sr. and others at Town Hall in Seattle, May 9, 2012:

Brian Miller

Television appearance on Great Minds with Thom Hartman
Radio interview on KPFK Uprising Radio (interview begins at 1:50)
Half hour radio interview on KUCI Rabbit Hole (interview begins at 1:50)

Mike Lapham

Radio interview on WMBR (skip to 41:25)