film webinar

This webinar will explore how to effectively integrate film into economic fairness campaigns. How do social issue documentary films do more than just raise awareness? How do you make your documentary film resonate with local audiences and issues? How do you build a bridge between community activist groups and the movements in your film? How do you create an audience engagement campaign that is unique, yet has ties to a movement that already exists? This Tax Fairness Tune-Up webinar will answer all these questions, and provide a framework on how to use film as an asset to economic fairness campaigns.


Andy Myers (Campaign Coordinator, Working Films)

A longtime proponent of connecting film with activism, he has coordinated various national campaigns, which leverage the narrative in social issue documentaries to advance the efforts of organizations with shared goals.

Karin Hayes and Victoria Bruce (Directors/Producers)

Recipients of the duPont-Columbia University Award for excellence in broadcast journalism for their first film, The Kidnapping of Ingrid Betancourt (HBO/Cinemax). Their most recent film We’re Not Gone premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for the Grand Jury Award.


-Michael Young (TFOC Coordinator, United for a Fair Economy)

-Monica Vesga (TFOC Program Associate, United for a Fair Economy)

About the Tax Fairness Organizing Collaborative (TFOC)

The Tax Fairness Organizing Collaborative(TFOC) is a network of 28 member organizations in 24 states that use grassroots power to promote progressive tax reform.

About Working Films

Working Films brings persuasive and provocative documentary films to long-term community organizing and activism. They are one of the nation’s leading independent media organization focused on the art of engagement.