Pass the Pomeroy Amendment to Strengthen the Estate Tax!

The House leadership heard our message loud and clear! But, we still have work to do. TODAY, the House will hold a vote on an amendment to the tax package for a stronger estate tax at the 2009 level.

Our best hope for a stronger estate tax is passing this amendment in the House. Let your representative know what you want right now!

MAKE THREE CALLS using our toll-free number to the Congressional switchboard at 800-830-5738:
  1. Urge your Representative to vote FOR the Pomeroy amendment, which would include a stronger estate tax at the 2009 level. Also ask how he or she will vote on the tax package.

  2. Thank House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for holding the vote to amend the tax package, and

  3. Thank House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer for holding the vote as well.


If the House fixes the bill to include a stronger estate tax, there’s still time for the Senate to pass the bill.

While we at UFE do not consider the 2009 estate tax to be ideal – with a $3.5 million exemption per spouse and a 45% rate on amounts above that – it is far better than the estate tax in the Senate bill ($5 million exemption per spouse and 35% rate).

Please forward a link to this alert to friends, family and colleagues. Call and urge them to take action. And, help spread the word further by blogging about this important issue, and sharing this alert on your social networks.

Here are a few news updates on this debate that may be helpful in getting you up-to-speed:

  • This is a great estate tax editorial by USA Today. We hope this helps to inspire you and others in your network to take action.
  • On December 15, the Senate passed, with an 81-19 vote, the Obama-GOP tax deal with a severely weakened estate tax and extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. See how your Senators voted here.
  • Unfortunately, the Sanders amendment to fix the whole bill by ending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, setting the estate tax at the 2009 level, and replacing the payroll tax holiday with a one-year extension of the Make Work Pay Credit, failed 43-57.

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  • delerin merron
    commented 2019-08-27 05:57:46 -0400
    But Van Hollen could face opposition from a variety of factions within the Democratic Caucus, first and foremost Blue Dogs such as Matheson who would eliminate the estate tax altogether. In addition, so-called New Democrats from wealthy coastal districts, some of whom support the deal, could balk at the proposed amendment. And, additionally, it could face opposition from lawmakers who fit into neither camp but want to preserve the agreement to ensure that House-Senate fighting doesn’t result in a January increase in everyone’s taxes.


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