Coast to Coast, Taxpayers Pledge to Re-Direct Their Rebates

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For Immediate Release - July 20, 2001
Contact: Betsy Leondar-Wright
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Rebate Rebellion: Coast to Coast, Taxpayers Pledge to Re-Direct Their Rebates

"The only reason I am not pledging the full amount of my ”˜rebate’ is that I plan to give a portion to my parents, neither of whom can afford health insurance. Because of Bush's tax cuts, it's unlikely that they will ever receive assistance.They live from paycheck to paycheck, and this meager 'rebate' is but a symbol that the government does not have their best interests in mind."

– C. Fraser, Portland, OR, Reject The Rebate signer

The first tax rebate checks are being mailed this week and already over $100,000 has been pledged to, a web site sponsored by United for a Fair Economy, to fight President Bush’s tax cut. Nationwide, more than a dozen groups and individuals have simultaneously launched efforts to reject and re-direct the rebate as a protest against a tax policy that blatantly favors the wealthy. In total, it is estimated that $500,000 has been pledged nationwide.

"We think it’s poetic justice to use the tax rebate to stop the most irresponsible parts of the President’s tax cuts," says Chuck Collins, Program Director of United for a Fair Economy.
Through, a growing number of Americans are donating to organizations working for tax fairness, social service providers in their communities, and other programs they fear will lack funding due to the tax cuts.

Amidst reports of shrinking federal budget surplus estimates, individuals of every income level are expressing their objections to a tax policy which delivers 38% of the planned $1.35 trillion in tax cuts to the richest one percent of Americans. In contrast, a full 60% of Americans will receive only 15% of the tax cut benefits."I welcome this opportunity to speak out against this outrageous gift of our surplus to those who need it least," writes M. Shesgreen of Elgin, IL, on the RejectTheRebate web site. "I believe that most Americans would have preferred to use our surplus, (when it materializes) to fully fund social security, support public education, and establish universal health care."

United for a Fair Economy (UFE) is a national non-profit organization that spotlights the dangers of growing inequality of income and wealth. UFE's Responsible Wealth project organized over 1,000 wealthy people to sign the Call to Preserve the Estate Tax, including prominent supporters such as Bill Gates, Sr., which helped delay estate tax repeal until 2010.

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