Tax Fairness Advocates To Use Bush Rebates to Block Tax Cut

Press Advisory
For Immediate Release - July 5, 2001
Contact: Betsy Leondar-Wright
(617) 423-2148 x113

Rebate Rebellion: Tax Fairness Advocates To Use Bush Rebates to Block Bush Tax Cut

"Our goal for this rebate rebellion is to channel tax rebate funds into preventing some of the most regressive elements of the Bush tax plan, such as the repeal of the estate tax, from taking effect. With surplus projections falling, this irresponsible tax cut threatens funding of basic services, including Social Security."

– Chuck Collins, United for a Fair Economy

Some of the rebates that President Bush will mail to taxpayers after July 22 will, ironically, go to efforts to stop implementation of parts of the President’s tax cut. United for a Fair Economy, the group that organized the Call to Preserve the Estate Tax, which won national attention for its prominent supporters such as Bill Gates, Sr., has launched a petition drive and rebate pledge campaign, on-line at, to oppose the tax cut’s windfalls for the rich.

"Believe it or not," said Ellen Gurzinsky, director of the Funding Exchange, "we have a pool of donations from taxpayers who believe they don’t need a tax cut and want their windfall to go to the fight for more progressive tax policies – even though these policies would raise their own tax bill!" The Funding Exchange’s Fund for Tax Fairness currently has over $100,000 to distribute to groups fighting the President’s regressive tax agenda.

The richest one percent of Americans will receive 38% of the $1.35 trillion benefits from the tax cut bill if it is fully implemented over the next decade, a far greater percentage than the 23% share of federal taxes they pay. By contrast, 34 million American taxpayers will get no tax rebate at all in 2001. is one of several efforts to use rebates to undermine the Bush agenda or to fund services that the federal government should be funding.

United for a Fair Economy (UFE) is a national non-profit organization that spotlights the dangers of growing inequality of income and wealth. UFE's Responsible Wealth project organized over 1,000 wealthy people to sign the Call to Preserve the Estate Tax, which helped delay estate tax repeal until 2010.

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