UFE Partner Scores Victory in Colorado against TABOR!

UFE Partner Scores Victory in Colorado against TABOR!

Tax Fairness Organizing Collaborative member Colorado Progressive Coalition (CPC) was a leader in a broad coalition formed in Colorado to pass Referendum C, a ballot measure to reform TABOR. [The Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) is an anti-tax state constitutional amendment that severely restricts taxation and spending, thereby undermining vital public services.]

For the last six months, CPC engaged in an all-out successful effort to educate and mobilize Coloradans in favor of Referendum C. Part of their education included scores of presentations of a workshop jointly developed by United for a Fair Economy, CPC and others entitled, "Investing in Colorado's Future: Taxes, TABOR and You."

This victory is great news for the people and communities of Colorado because the state can now better invest in health care, education, human services, and environmental and public safety infrastructures. It also sends an important message to the many other states considering TABOR initiatives: "TABOR proved itself harmful to the priorities Coloradans care about."

Last year, United for a Fair Economy convened the Tax Fairness Organizing Collaborative to strengthen and expand the infrastructure of tax fairness organizing nationwide. The Collaborative presently has partner organizations like CPC in 17 states - all of whom fight for adequately funding vital public services and paying for these services through a progressive tax system. In virtually every state, the poor pay a much higher share of their income in state and local taxes than their rich neighbors.