Safe, Fair and Sustainable: Do Obama’s Tax Proposals Measure Up?

Tax Day 2009 Report

In his budget, President Obama proposed bold new plans for healthcare, energy and the environment. Congress accepted the general principles, but the details still need to be decided. A key issue is how we pay for them.

In our new report, we evaluate Obama's tax proposals for the wealthy against comparable proposals from the Institute for Policy Studies. We find that Obama's could be sharply improved to raise more revenue, be more fair, and clamp down harder on high-risk Wall Street speculation.

See the Institute for Policy Studies' proposals: "Reversing the Great Tax Shift: Seven Steps to Finance Our Economic Recovery Fairly."    

Read the full Tax Day 2009 Report: "Safe, Fair and Sustainable: Do President Obama’s Tax Proposals Measure Up?

Download the PDF: Tax_Day_Report_2009.pdf (440.72 KB)