Economic Refugees: Immigration & the Growing Divide

04/16/2009 8:30 am
04/16/2009 9:45 am


Economic Refugees - Immigration & the Growing Divide

Presenter: Steve Schnapp, Senior Education Coordinator, United for a Fair Economy

Location:   National Labor College, Silver Spring, MD

Information:   Steve Schnapp at 857-277-7868 or

Description:   There is a growing clamor about our immigration "problem." But what are the facts about immigration? What is pushing and pulling workers and families to leave their homeland and emigrate to the U.S.? Who benefits from rules that allow in some workers and criminalize others? What do foreign-born and domestic workers have in common? How can we evaluate proposed immigration "reforms"?

This latest addition to UFE's lineup of popular economics education workshops provides information, analysis, and strategies for action to close the political and social divides that pit workers and communities against each other.


The workshop is one of several events in the 3-day 2009 Conference of the United Association for Labor Education - "Imagining Alternatives: The Challenge to Labor" (April 15-18, 2009).

About the Conference:   UALE, the United Association for Labor Education, is made up of university-based, union-based and community-based labor educators. Participants from all three of these groups will be presenting at our 2009 Conference. The conference will reflect the work of the different populations and contexts that these three kinds of labor educators work with. It will include research papers, case studies and theoretical materials; teaching demonstrations, examples of tools, performances, workshops, curriculum samples and strategy sessions. In addition, the Labor Studies Journal will be sponsoring their own special sessions within the conference.

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