The Color of Class - A Workshop for People of Color

02/28/2009 9:00 am
02/28/2009 5:00 pm


CLASS ACTION presents an exploration of class in a context that takes race
fully into account:

Presenter:   Rhonda Soto, Race/Class Intersections Program Coordinator

Location:   United for a Fair Economy, 29 Winter St., Boston MA

Cost/Registration:   Workshop fee is based on sliding scale from $25 - $150.

Information:   <>or
call 413-585-9709.

Description:   In this workshop we will work to better understand how our current economic inequality has been and continues to be shaped by racialized policies and behavior from the past to the present. We will develop common language to talk about class by using experiential activities, dialogue, and a video to explore the ways race and class intersect on individual and societal levels. Come join us on our journey towards, hope, change, and solidarity.

- Have you been expected to lift as you climb?
- Do you have tensions with other people of color in positions of power or authority over you?
- Is there class tension between you and family members, friends, co-workers, or community?
- Are there different values within race that are held by folks of different class?
- Are you often the only person of color in your class group or work setting?
- How do we communicate across the hidden differences of class when we share race in common?

In the United States, class has been racialized. As people of color, race is in our face. We feel the impact of race and racism, and by no means are we done talking about it!

As the economic divide among people of color widens, it becomes even more important to explore the dynamics of class. Class is more subliminal. Although class is much less talked about, it is still profound. Class and race are interconnected, but they are not the same. We need to develop our ability to discuss and take action on class issues.

Why a space specifically for people of color?

In response to individual, cultural, and institutional racism, many anti-racist organizations use racial identity caucus groups to explore the impact of internalized oppression or internalized superiority. The "Color of Class" workshop is a space for people of color to explore the impact of class individually, culturally, and institutionally.

As a result of the many practices, policies and laws that have historically created barriers for people of color to build wealth, class looks different and impacts people of color differently. Class Action acknowledges the need to examine and explore these differences amongst people of color as a crucial step to working towards building an anti-classist community.