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    There is also, of course, direct coercion: fear. Severe punishments are applied and the child is conditioned to act according to the fear of punishment. The worst thing is that perfectly healthy behavior is punished, such as crying, getting angry, or laughing too much. “If you keep crying, you’ll see what happens”, they are told. “Stop laughing, if you do not want to be punished,” is another of the usual phrases in this type of education. Probably the child does have reasons to cry, to laugh or to get angry. Emotions by themselves are not good or bad: they are human. A normal human being laughs, cries and gets angry. What we must learn is to design a border so that those emotions do not lead to unhealthy behaviors. But to feel them, in itself, is completely normal and healthy. However, some parents are anguished too much that their children experience sadness or anger. That’s why they choose the easiest way, but also the most brutal one: repress. <a href=“”" rel="nofollow">">Essay Mafia</a>


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