Stories of the South: A New Blog Series

Announcing New Blog Series: “Stories of the South”

All over North Carolina and in other parts of the southern U.S., workers, activists, and organizers are teaming up to take down the nastiest anti-worker legislation, standing up to big corporations, and fighting for their rights, fairness, and dignity. The South has always faced unique challenges when it comes to organizing for a fair economy that works for all, but we’ve never given up.

A 2009 report conducted by the Institute for Southern Studies that set out to investigate the state of social justice organizing and political climate of southern states determined that, “The U.S. South is both rapidly changing in ways favorable to social justice organizing and growing in national importance.” Don’t believe us? No worries-- we have proof!

This new blog series will share stories of worker organizing, people power, and grassroots movements and campaigns in the southern US that are shifting the political terrain and disrupting the narrative that marks our region as anti-social-justice. All around us, folks have been fighting hard, reclaiming the word “y’all” one campaign at a time. We’re hoping to share this work with you. UFE isn’t directly involved in the things we will be covering; rather, we are highlighting the efforts of other progressive organizations seeking change in the southern US.

CLICK HERE to see our first post in this new series… Enjoy, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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