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Flip It to Fix It: State Fact Sheets

— Shannon M.

New Report: Flip It to Fix It

— Shannon M.
flip it to fix it

States are facing their largest decline in revenue on record. The response from elected officials has been downright harmful, shortsighted, and economically unsound. Cutting to get out of a deficit is like digging to get out of a ditch. It puts everything we value at risk. And as we state in our new report—Flip It to Fix It: it doesn’t have to be this way.

Flip It to Fix It: Executive Summary

— Shannon M.

Report: Flip It to Fix It

— Shannon M.
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Comparing Growth of U.S. Family Incomes

— Shannon M.
comparing growth of u.s. family incomes

"Comparing the Growth of U.S. Family Incomes" is an infographic by United for a Fair Economy.


This infographic was fact-checked by PolitiFact.

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