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Tax Wealth Like Work

— Maz
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Clase, Raza, y Los Ataques a los Empleados Públicos

— Maz
income inequality chart

Lo que muchos no sabemos es: ¿quién está en condiciones de perder más por los ataques en contra de los trabajadores organizados? Desafortunadamente, la respuesta no debe de sorprendernos.

Class, Race & the Attacks on Public Employees

— Maz
income inequality chart

What too many of us don’t know is who has the most to lose from attacks on organized labor. Unfortunately, the answer shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Guide to Political Protests

— Shannon M.

A step-by-step guide for the uninitiated to prepare for your next political protest, by United for a Fair Economy.

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The Divide Deepens

— Brian Miller
racial wealth divide

Attacks on the public sector and its workers hurt all Americans—regardless of race—by eroding the ability of our nation to meet the needs of its citizens.

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