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Regresan! Y Ricos Como lo Fueron Siempre!

— Brian Miller
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Hace dos semanas Forbes publicó su lista de los 400 Estadounidenses más ricos del 2013. Y la noticia que no sorprendió: la fortuna de esos en el tope continúa creciendo mientras que los Estadounidenses a través del país continúa sufriendo.

They're Back! And Rich As They Ever Were

— Brian Miller
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Two weeks ago, Forbes released its 2013 list of the richest 400 Americans. And the not-so-surprising news: The fortunes of those at the top continue to rise while Americans across the country continue to suffer.

Take Action Now to Preserve and Strengthen the Estate Tax

— Michael Young
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Tell the your elected officials to preserve and strengthen the estate tax. In the face of the fiscal cliff, raising more revenue from the estate tax is the best solution to avoid painful cuts. Preserving vital social programs (like Head Start, food stamps, and community development block grants) is more important than tax breaks for the top 0.15% of Americans. But this isn’t just about the dollar figures. It’s about our shared values as a society and the creation of equal opportunities for everyone.
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Eight Reasons You Should Agree With Will Smith on Taxes

— Maz
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"America has been fantastic" to Will Smith. The 43 year-old actor, who makes an average salary of $36 million and has an estimated net worth of $215 million, has "no problem" paying higher taxes for the good of the country. Here are eight reasons why you should agree that the rich should pay higher taxes.

The Self-Made Myth Infographic

— Shannon M.
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