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State of the Dream 2009: The Silent Depression
  • Growing divide
  • Race
  • Racial Wealth Divide
Report or book
Triple Threat: Racism, Economic Exploitation and War
  • Growing divide
  • Military Spending
  • Poverty
  • Race
  • Racial Wealth Divide
Report or book
Fair Lending Helps Community Prosperity
  • Growing divide
  • Housing and Foreclosures
  • Racial Wealth Divide
Report or book
Executive Excess 2002
  • CEO Pay
  • Corporate Accountability
Report or book
Safe, Fair and Sustainable: Do Obama’s Tax Proposals Measure Up?
  • Estate Tax
  • Progressive Tax
  • Revenue
Report or book
Webinar: Critiquing Government Without SabotageResource
Stiglitz Article: "Capitalist Fools"Resource
Policy Framework to Strengthen Government Planning, Budgeting and AccountabilityResource
Guide to Asset PrivatizationResource
Report: Decline in Federal Tax ProgressivityResource
Presentation: Inequality and CrisisResource
Charts: Income Inequality In AmericaResource
Report: State DeficitsResource
Action Tool: Evaluating State Candidates' Tax ProposalsResource
Video: Austerity Made SimpleResource
Report: Persuasion Strategies on Tax FairnessResource
Words That Win on Tax CutsResource
Article: How Facts BackfireResource
Report: Promotiong Broad ProsperityResource
Report: Judging Tax ExpendituresResource
Recovery Act Info CenterResource
Quotations About TaxesResource
Talking Points on the DeficitResource
State Revenue Flash ReportsResource
State Revenue Lost Due to Bush Tax CutsResource
Report: Solutions for Main StreetResource
Report: Lessons from Massachusetts for States Considering a Property Tax CapResource
Report: "Who Pays?" on State Tax StructuresResource
Four Helpful Hints for Reducing State Budget DeficitsResource
Report: How to Enact Tax ReformResource
Report: How States Can Decouple from Tax Cuts for Wealthy ItemizersResource
Report: Who Benefits from Tax Expenditures?Resource
Disinvesting in AmericaResource
Debate: "Government: What Is Its Proper Role?"Resource
Historical Perspective on Tax LegislationResource
NY Times Op-Ed: "Our Fantasy Nation"Resource
Tax Toolkit- Americans for Responsible TaxesResource
Making the Case: Federal Support for Public StructuresResource
Webinar: The Debt CeilingResource
10 Charts Showing U.S. Is Low-Tax CountryResource
Federal Income Tax DataResource
Guide to Fair State and Local TaxesResource
Report: Repealing State Tax Breaks for Capital GainsResource
Tune-Up Presentation: Three Corporate Tax Reforms Your State Must Enact NowResource
Factsheet: Jobs Crisis and the Great RecessionResource
Report: Leaving money on the TableResource
Action Tool: Evaluating Federal Candidates' Tax ProposalsResource
Article: Why You Want Government Running Health, Education and defenseResource
Report: Tax Flight Is a MythResource
Op-Ed: Address Jobs Now and Deficits LaterResource
Creative Action: Bake Sale for the BudgetResource
Documenting Corporate GiveawaysResource
Why Budget Cuts Don't Bring ProsperityResource
Communication Strategies for Rebuilding Trust in GovernmentResource
Advanced Twitter Best PracticesResource
New Media for Old-School Organizers: Tune-Up Presentation (Part 2)Resource
New Media for Old-School Organizers: Tune-Up PresentationResource
How to Talk About GovernmentResource
A Report Card Comparing Federal Budget ProposalsResource
Budget Proposals Threaten Women and Families, Shield WealthyResource
Impact of House FY11 Full-Year Continuing Resolution for Education ProgramsResource
Article: Alternatives to AusterityResource
Article: Coherent, Comprehensive Plan Needed for Tax Code SpendingResource
Article Series: The United States of InequalityResource
Talking About Taxes ToolkitResource
Report: Flip It to Fix ItResource
Virginia: Divest FlyerResource
Report: "Writing Off" Tax GiveawaysResource
Report: State Income Tax Deductions for Federal Income Taxes Hurt Tax FairnessResource
Top Ten States in InequalityResource
Infographic: Tax Breaks vs. Budget CutsResource
Video Clip: Taxes and ReligionResource
Dangers of the Balanced Budget AmendmentResource
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State of the Dream 2008 Charts
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Housing and Foreclosures
  • Race
  • Racial Wealth Divide
Working Group on Extreme Inequality Fights Economic DisparityStory
Obama Plans to Keep Estate Tax
  • Estate Tax
Development Associate Job DescriptionStory
UFE's E-News - Back IssuesStory
State of the Dream 2009 Charts
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Housing and Foreclosures
  • Race
  • Racial Wealth Divide
Estate Tax Teleconference - November 2010Story
UFE Op-ed Calls for Change, Not Tax RebatesStory