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MLK and the Facts of Racial Economic Injustice Today

— ts
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Martin Luther King Jr. gave his life to the struggle for racial equality. The vast racial economic divide remains a fact of American life more than forty years after his assassination. Click through to see some of the key indicators of racial economic inequality.


— Dany
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Los doce miembros del congreso que forman parte del Súper-Comité están encargados con encontrar al menos $1.2 trillones en la reducción del déficit se están acercando a su fecha limite del 23 de Noviembre. Las decisores que ellos harán determinara la dirección de nuestro país y la económica que tomara años por venir. Ellos estarán haciendo decisiones sobre el futuro de programas sociales vitales, políticas tributarias y gasto militar.

Sign On to Pressure the Super Committee

— Lee Farris
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The twelve members of the congressional Super-Committee charged with finding at least $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction are nearing their November 23rd deadline. The decisions that they make will determine the direction that our country and economy take for years to come. They will be making choices about the future of vital social programs, tax policy and military spending.

The High Price of Austerity

— steveschnapp
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Austerity is the political buzzword these days. As politicians from both parties are jumping on the “starve the beast” bandwagon, few are considering the long-term impacts of the approach. What seems like tightening the belt today will likely cost us much, much more down the line.

Are You a Socialist?

— Shannon M.
uncle sam

If you support a progressive tax system, does that make you a "socialist?" UFE's Steve Schnapp artfully explains how he responds to progressive activist concerns of being labeled with the 's' word.

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