Responsible Wealth Tax Fairness Pledge

You are viewing the 2011 Tax Fairness Pledge. For the current Tax Fairness Pledge, CLICK HERE.

Take the Responsible Wealth Tax Fairness Pledge

1. Enter your savings from the Bush Tax Cuts in tax year 2010.
You should have copied this figure from the previous page. If not, return to the online Tax Cut Calculator to estimate your tax cut. If you can't estimate your tax savings yet, please take the Pledge today and we'll remind you to calculate your savings later.

Enter your total 2010 tax break here:
This is an important part of your participation, even if you don't plan to give this amount away, since we hope to use the total amounts to help with publicity efforts.

This information is only used to create overall statistics about the Tax Fairness Pledge. We never use your personal information without your permission.

2. Consider donating your tax break to groups working for tax fairness. Leave blank if you can't afford to donate part of your tax break, but you still want to sign the pledge statement.

Enter the amount you want to donate to United for a Fair Economy (including the Responsible Wealth project) to support our tax fairness work at the national level, including reversing the Bush tax cuts and preserving a strong estate tax.

Enter the total amount you pledge to donate to Tax Fairness Organizing Collaborative organizations:
Write in an organization that's not in the Tax Fairness Organizing Collaborative.
Enter the total amount you pledge to donate to other organizations:
Contact Information
(e.g., UFE Website, email from RW/UFE, another publication or website)

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTE: We would like to be able to say how many "millionaires" (in aggregate) have taken the Pledge, so your answer to this question will be very helpful. In short, we will not publicize anyone's individual status, but would simply use the aggregate or total number.

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