The Growing Divide

The Growing Divide Workshop

Inequality and the Roots of Economic Insecurity

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United for a Fair Economy has designed a very effective set of presentations and workshops called "The Growing Divide: Inequality and the Roots of Economic Insecurity." It has been adapted and refined over the course of more than 1100 presentations to groups around the nation. The Workshop includes:

An overview of the massive income and wealth shift of the last 25 years.
  • An opportunity to discuss the effects of gross inequality on our lives and the lives of the people we know and care about.
  • A discussion of the reasons for the shift.
  • An inspirational review of movements in the U.S. that have reversed previous trends toward inequality.
  • An opportunity to discuss strategy and meaningful action responses.
  • An opportunity to think about concrete steps that make sense for each of us.

The Workshop uses a number of participatory and problem-solving activities as well as a series of flip charts to illustrate the meaning behind the numbers.The ideal size for a workshop is 20-30 people. The workshop lasts from 90 minutes to 3 hours, however, presentations can be shorter. Larger groups may appreciate the Presentation format. Presentations can vary in length also. Programs are available on a sliding scale fee basis.

The Workshop is ideal for:

Unions, Students, Study groups, Political Groups, Concerned Citizens, Religious Congregations, Community Organizations, Professional Organizations, Classrooms and Adult Education, anyone and everyone!Simply get in touch with us at the address below and we will give you all the information you will need.

Past Participants Have Said:

"I was so moved by the presentation. I think there is so much important information here. Instead of being overwhelmed by economics, we were inspired to take action."

--Vicky Lindsay, Independent Christian Church, Gloucester, MA

"The People at United for a Fair Economy have put together one of the most accessible and compelling presentations about wealth and income distribution I have ever seen. Through user-friendly charts, graphs, and games, they're able to present the hard reality of our current economic situation without making you feel beaten down. With humor, determination, and concrete ideas for progressive change, The Growing Divide workshop has helped inspire me toward personal and political action once again."

--Lisa Nelson, Executive Director, Center for Popular Economics

Download the workshop.

Order a ready-made workshop directly from United for a Fair Economy. Here's what you get:

Set of 24" X 36" Flipcharts • Ready to clip to an easel with a pair of jumbo binder clips (not included). 35 charts.

Trainer's Guide • Leads you step-by-step through the workshop. Includes templates for making materials for activities, numerous talking points and background information for each of the charts. 81 pages.

Set of Participant Handouts • A packet with the charts 2/page, plus additional background reading, ready for you to copy for workshop participants.

To order, visit our online store and click on "Workshops."