Workshop/ToT Participant Survey


Thanks for attending one of UFE's workshops. We rely on folks like you to help us spread awareness about economic injustice, and to promote actions that will change the rules that currently govern our economy. We believe popular education is a great tool for doing just that, and your feedback on your experience helps us make our workshops even better.

Below the workshop evaluation is a short, voluntary Membership Survey. Please take a few minutes to fill it out so we can get to know more about you and the role you'd like to play as we build the movement for greater economic fairness.

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Workshop Evaluation
UFE Programs and Activities
Volunteering at UFE (phone banking, data entry, mailings, etc.)
Hosting or leading a workshop
Attending a workshop, conference or other event
Helping plan/organize UFE events
Participating in creative action
Participating in shareholder activism with UFE's RW program
Contacting Legislators
Writing letters to the editor/Op-eds
Being a spokesperson (print, radio, TV)
Offering my professional services (pro bono)
Using UFE materials in my work or activism
Receiving Action Alerts from UFE (periodic - by email only)
Receiving UFE's FairPlay Newsletter (twice a year - by postal mail)
Receiving UFE's Responsible Wealth Newsletter (twice a year - by postal mail)