About Bill Creighton



Bill CreightonBill started his activism during the ’60’s marching in Washington against the Vietnam War and for civil rights.  Raised in two households with diametrically opposing political and social perspectives he has striven to find a balance between the blessing of being born into economic security and wealth, and the curse of living in a society where injustice and inequality reign.  Finding a balanced path has been his life’s work.

Bill’s occupational resume includes boat building, firefighter, EMT, Registered Nurse (ICU, ER, and Home health), carpenter, heavy equipment operator, captain, teacher, small business owner, diver, electrician, plumber, ocean voyager, commercial fisherman. He is a founding Board member of Maine Initiatives, a fund for change and has been engaged with UFE and Responsible Wealth for many years as a donor and collaborator. 

Bill's personal resume includes father (two grown daughters), musician, dancer, singer, sailor, brother, son. He presently lives in Freeport, Maine with Nina the cat.

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