About Emily Kawano

Emily Kawano

Emily KawanoEmily cut her activist teeth in the Seabrook anti-nuke movement, where she learned that consensus based decision-making does not mix well with the fast pace of an occupation attempt, especially when one’s affinity group is positioned in the marshes and the incoming tide is about to cut off retreat. Having survived that, she has been involved in social and economic justice issues ever since.

Emily received a degree in human ecology from the College of the Atlantic and a Ph.D in economics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She is the Director of the Center for Popular Economics and the U.S. Solidarity Economy Network. She has been a member of the CPE collective for twenty years and has served as the director since 2004. Prior to that, she taught economics at Smith College and worked as the National Economic Justice Representative for the American Friends Service Committee, where she initiated the formation of ELAN (Economic Literacy for Action Network). It was through ELAN that she first met UFE founder Chuck Collins.

While working in N. Ireland, she founded a popular economics program with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, served on the N.I. Social Economy Network Working Group and worked with two Belfast Community Development Agencies to develop and deliver a social economy training program for community groups seeking to start up social enterprises.

Emily now lives in an old fixer-upper in a bucolic town in western Massachusetts with the unlovely name of Belchertown, along with her partner, son and dog.

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