About Prakash Laufer


Board Emeritus

Prakash LauferPrakash is the former CEO of Motherwear International - a catalog and web company dedicated to the support of breastfeeding and nurturing parenting. Together with his wife Jody Wright they grew Motherwear Inc from 1987 to 2003 and to sales of $11 Million and created the niche of clothing for Breastfeeding Mothers.

Jody and Prakash have 5 daughters and are a global family with 5 sets of birth parents - from Africa, the Philippines, Haiti and the US. He is especially interested in how businesses can incorporate socially responsible practices into every area of their activity - from environmentally friendly practices, employee involvement and ownership practices, to creating products and services that are sustainable and healthy for consumers and communities.

For the past 30 years Prakash has been a student of meditation and yoga and of PROUT (the Progressive Utilization Theory) - a spiritually based alternative to capitalism. In the 80s Prakash and Jody published the Prout Journal - integrating spirituality and progressive ideas - in Wisconsin and New England.

Prakash loves to dance - and this has been the focus of his formal education. He began dancing at Dartmouth College in 1970 - attended graduate school in Dance at UCLA (dropping out to become a travelling meditation teacher/organizer) - before completing his masters degree in Dance-Movement therapy from Antioch New England. Over the years he has explored authentic movement, contact improvisation and is currently performing with a dance company that spans multiple generations.

He is the organizer of a monthly film series - Another World is Possible - together with the Earthdance Community in Western Massachusetts. He is also the organizer of the annual Earthdance Film Festival - Dance and Music Can Change the World. His passion is the expression of spirituality and service and activism through dance and the arts.

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