About Fair Taxation

Tax policy has a significant impact on economic inequality. Decades of anti-tax policies have eroded the progressivity of our tax system. Wealth and income inequality have grown worse as taxes have shifted from the wealthy to everybody else.

Federal Taxes

UFE's flagship issue is the campaign to preserve the federal estate tax, begun in 1999. The estate tax provides a concrete issue in which our members and constituencies can easily become involved. Working on the estate tax helps educate people about the value of progressive taxation, existing economic inequality, and the role of wealth.

Other federal tax issues, such as how to adjust the AMT most progressively, the impact of tax policy on the budget, and how tax rules affect the nation's economy, also receive frequent attention from our tax team.

State Taxes

UFE brings together statewide organizations that work on fair taxation issues at the grassroots. It provides a forum for these organizations to exchange war stories and best practices.

Members of our collaborative join forces to problem-solve, create new tools and messaging, and strategize about how to bring the cadres of newly-minted state tax activists into the effort to reform tax policies, at both the state and federal levels.