Racial Wealth Divide Assistant

Racial Wealth Divide Assistant  

The Racial Wealth Divide (RWD) program deepens the understanding about the historical and contemporary barriers to wealth creation among communities of color. RWD lifts up the importance of wealth and wealth-building strategies among communities struggling to attain economic equality. We develop and offer resources-such as workshops, publications, data, policy initiatives, and community empowerment strategies-for community leaders, activists, organizations, media, and the public at large. Our goal is to help create a network of people and groups who want to abolish the racial wealth divide.

In our effort to recognize the intersections of oppression (e.g. race, class, and gender) we are looking to expand our program to highlight historical and contemporary barriers to economic stability through the acquisition of assets for Asian Americans and women. We are looking to build upon current research, statistics, and educational materials to include a more in-depth level of analysis that includes issues surrounding asset acquisition for Asian Americans and women.

The ideal candidates will possess a majority of the following skills, and a willingness to learn in the other areas: strong oral and written communication skills, familiarity with research using the internet, ability to work independently as well as part of a team, commitment to addressing economic inequality, familiarity with economic issues dealing with gender, familiarity with economic issues dealing with Asian-Americans, and an ability to give and accept constructive feedback, and a sense of humor.

Job duties include:
1. Conducting research on wealth and assets of Asian Americans and women.
2. Assist with the development of written materials with a goal of designing a 60-90 minute workshop.
3. Assist with the planning and preparation of a pilot workshop presentation for UFE staff.
4. Assist with the planning and preparation of a "focus" group of potential constituents for feedback on the workshop/presentation.
5. Assist with the dissemination of workshop materials.

We will provide a free MBTA pass for an intern working a minimum of 20 hours per week.

To apply for this internship, please fill out the application form. It would be helpful if you also email your resume and a short cover letter (with the intern job title in the subject line) to [email protected]

Questions? Please contact Amaad Rivera at [email protected]