Asset Development

Wealth-Building Links

Asset Building refers to public policy and private sector efforts to enable persons with limited financial resources to accumulate and preserve long-term, productive assets–savings, investments, a home, post-secondary education and training, a small business, and a nest-egg for retirement.

– From This comprehensive website from the New America Foundation provides a clearinghouse of information on wealth creation. This website of the magazine Black Enterprise explores strategies to wealth development, framed around ten different values. Emphasizing homeownership and investment as keys to building wealth, the website offers a free kit you can download with advice, resources, worksheets, and charts to help readers through wealth-building steps. The kit approaches wealth-building from a free-enterprise perspective but at the same time points to the necessity of reinvesting in the black community – keeping money within the community to build communal, not just individual, wealth.

The kit is comprehensive, and doesn’t skip necessary first steps. For instance, the Black Enterprise "Cash Flow Monitor" asks one to track his or her spending right on down to pocket money. Also, the advice on planning a financial safety net started with a simple first step that is easy to forget but crucial: set aside time to plan your finances. This site serves as an index to publications by the Asset Development Institute of Brandeis University. Many, including the Asset Index, can be downloaded for free. The Asset Index Report tracks asset development policies by state.