INTERVIEW: Income Inequality & Social Justice in America

April 9, 2011 — Maz
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In the US, the gap is widening fast between fewer and fewer rich people and everyone else. Do Americans care? RW member Eric Schoenberg joined Warren Olney, host of KCRW Los Angeles' "To the Point," for a conversation about why wealthy and upper-income members of RW support raising taxes on themselves.

Fair Taxation Means More Brackets Up Top

April 5, 2011 — Maz
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Some of the most affluent Americans actually pay lower effective tax rates than many middle class Americans.

Fairness in Taxation Act Arrives!

April 5, 2011 — Maz
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Rep. Jan Schakowsky has introduced a bill that would ensure millionaires and billionaires contribute their fair share toward rebuilding and stabilizing our economy. Now, we need your support to move it forward.

Class, Race & the Attacks on Public Employees

March 30, 2011 — Maz
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What too many of us don’t know is who has the most to lose from attacks on organized labor. Unfortunately, the answer shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The BB's of Wealth

March 26, 2011 — Maz
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Wisconsin & The Dirty Secret of Public Sector Union Busting

February 24, 2011 — Maz
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Amid all the rightful outrage over Gov. Scott Walker's proposal to do away with collective bargaining rights for public sector unions in Wisconsin, one important point has been neglected: The demise of public sector unions would be most detrimental to women and African-Americans.

Estate taxes: States will want their cut, too

February 22, 2011 — Maz
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Baby boomers, the oldest just now reaching retirement age, can expect to receive inheritances equaling more than $8 trillion over their lifetime.

What's the Matter with Wisconsin?

February 17, 2011 — Maz
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Our focus and admiration should be on the actions and resolve of the protesters and state legislators who have chosen to support the working people of Wisconsin. This isn't just their battle, it's all of ours.

A Win for an Invisible Workforce

January 27, 2011 — Maz
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What if you worked long, hard days to provide serivces relied upon by other Americans—cleaning homes, fixing cars, farming fields—and yet, you weren't even covered by the most basic of federal labor protections? Sadly, this is the reality for domestic workers and farm workers right here in the United States.

When Society Attacks: Race and People Devalued

January 25, 2011 — Maz
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As we close in on Black History Month, the soothsaying jesters at The Daily Show have—in brilliantly hilarious fashion—taken heed of the ways racism continues to rear its ugly head in modern day.

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