Born on Third Base: Media Coverage

Scroll down for media coverage of Born on Third Base: What the Forbes 400 Really Says About Economic Equality & Opportunity in America, a report that looks at what's missing from the annual Forbes 400 list.

If you are a member of the media and would like to interview a spokesperson for this report, please contact Maz Ali at [email protected] or 617-423-2148 x101. Press release >>


9/28/2012Columbia Journalism ReviewBillionaires made from scratch? Hardly.
9/26/2012Final CallAnniversary of Occupy Movement Marks Still Hard Times
9/25/2012WashingtonPost.comThe Case for Raising Taxes on Capital Gains, by Ezra Klein
9/25/2012CNBC.comDid the Forbes 400 Billionaires Really 'Build That'?, by Robert Frank
9/24/2012New York TimesRomney and the Forbes 400, by Joe Nocera
9/23/2012Inequality.orgThe 'Self-Made' Myth: Our Hallucinating Rich, by Sam Pizzigati
9/23/2012KPFK-FM, "Background Briefing"
Interview with Shannon Moriarty
9/21/2012Kansas City StarForbes 400: Wealth & Politics in America, by Mary Sanchez
9/21/2012WSLR-FM, "Surreal News"
Interview with Tim Sullivan
9/21/2012Forbes.comMitt Romney, The Forbes 400, and Student Debt
9/19/2012Common DreamsHow the Wealthy Inherit the Earth